odeta xheka VISUALS

​​​​Within a culture that likes things to be simple and pigeonholed, through my artwork, I like to engage in complex conversations about the structure and meaning of emotional truth while making sure to keep a firm eye on the very thin line that divides sincerity of expression from sheer banality.

My primary body of work is comprised of abstract art (mixed media, oil on canvas & prints) and multi-layered (figurative, abstract & biomorphic) collages. In the past few years, having become first the mother of a wonderful boy and just a little later the mother of a wonderful girl,  I have thought long and hard about best ways to surround children with art that speaks to them in a direct and meaningful way. Here Comes Ingo, my first picture book for children comes as the next step in my efforts to build a strong presence of art in children's life. This visual story is meant to inspire hours of fun over multiple readings as both parents and children discover new details each time they pick it up. While there is only an intentionally loose story line, each page inspires a tale of its own, with the recurring opportunity to spot Ingo on each illustration. In this sense, the book fits neatly within the larger body of my work since it is meant to provoke a desire to impose a story upon the image.  

​As I explain in myblog, I often tell stories in pictures, more so when it comes to stories directed to children. Because I consider a picture book a sort of performance art, I try to break down the wall between the expert storyteller and the kids by getting them involved because children are expert readers of pictures and no words are necessary. 
As a last word, I am always open to work with charitable organizations that use art to serve a just cause especially those organizations that enrich the lives of children who are undergoing physical, emotional or mental crisis such as hospital patients, victims of domestic abuse, trauma survivors, etcPlease contact me if you feel that my body of work, my time and my belief in art as a source of healing, hope and comfort serves the  mission of your organization.

Odeta Xheka,

mother, artist, author