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Dear  interior designer looking for abstract artwork,

I don't need to tell you how wall art brings the room together by serving as a focal point and a clear statement of creativity, originality and refined taste. But (!) I must tell you that by working with me your hospitality, commercial and residential projects will have my undivided attention and my absolute willingness to assist your team in bringing  charm and character to newly built/renovated spaces that reflect a sense of aspirational intimacy. Not only a personable and open communicator but most importantly one who is consistently available, I am not simply an experienced artist with a unique aesthetic vision combined with a strong interest in and knowledge of interior design concepts. I am also someone who understands intimately the needs and demands of a profession in which a last minute change of heart from your client forces your hand into unforeseen choices.

I am open to work with all interior designers whose scope of work is to deliver unpretentious yet sophisticated spaces that go beyond Pantone color-of-the-year, run of the mill interior design mindset.

I promise that together we can make some magic happen for your next residential/ corporate/nonprofit/institutional/healthcare/hospitality/retail design project.

Let's get in touch.

Dear  home-maker who was an interior designer in her previous life,

We both know that wall art is what makes the difference in a well executed and stylish home design project. Not sure what type of artwork is the right piece for your space? There is an easy way to figure this out. Does it appear harmonious with its surroundings? Does it build balance? Does it establish rhythm? Most of all, does it get you excited? Trust your instincts because You know you best. Dwell into art and color your life beautiful.  Be bold and sophisticated but don't go overboard and get carried away. Remember to purchase your art prints with an eye for detail and design but always stay within budget. In other words, be You my dear fellow home decor aficionado. That's what you do best!

What do you think? Are you ready to imbue your home with an eclectic mix of art prints that are as timeless as they are elegant?  Are you ready to dress up your dining room? Add spice to your hallway? Make your guest room feel special? Create a pocket of tranquil contemplation in the midst of your busy living room... and so much more?
Feel free to poke around my art works and pick your favorites. 

Dear  charitable art organizations,

Something we have in common is the belief that making art is healing and life enhancing because it facilitates emotional expression and creative development.

As a mother of young children in need of looking after, as a daughter of parents who have succumbed prematurely to cancer and Alzheimer's disease, as the wife of a doctor who chooses to practice in a public hospital, as a transplant in USA and as a college instructor in direct contact with at-risk young adults I have had my fair share of exposure to life's hardships. Making and sharing my art has served as my very own source of  healing and a great help in channeling my inner strength toward positive mindset and a sense of connection with people in vulnerable situations. 

As a result, I am always open to work with charitable organizations that use art to alleviate the pain and enrich the lives of people who are undergoing physical, emotional or mental crisis such as hospital patients, war veterans, victims of domestic abuse, trauma survivors, etc

Please contact me if you feel that my body of work, my time and my belief in art as a source of hope and comfort serves the  mission of your organization.

Odeta Xheka Visuals is the exclusive home of one-of-a-kind small and medium-sized  Prints that add just the right amount of stylish luxury to the classic comfort of your home. Exquisitely textured and effortlessly charming these artworks would be at home in any gallery... but your walls are better. 

With the promise of effortless art buying, I invite you to boost your mood and revamp your home. Framed and/or unframed these museum quality art prints are conveniently available for purchase in multiple sizes and high quality archival materials. Go ahead, discover Odeta Xheka Visuals unique offerings: 

                   Painterly Abstracts specializes in lyrical abstractions showcasing a great variety of brilliant combinations of shapes and colors. Although perfectly suitable to represent a variety of moods and atmospheres on their own (such as dark and mysterious imaginary vistas or energetic compositions emerging  from shadows), these prints become more meaningful once coupled with poetry.


                      Photographic Collages offers the possibility of combining different realms of creativity. These art prints communicate clear ideas through beautifully arranged, expertly photographed  mix-media collages that are as brilliantly radiant as jewels ans as enticing as childhood memories.


                     Art for Children focuses on images that are simultaneously receding into deep shadows and crackling up with energy. The coloring fields bleeding into each other and the use of primary colors mirror the drawing "mistakes" most commonly made by children. This serves as a reminder to value children's creativity instead of trying to channel or correct it.


P.S. Why choose small and medium-size art prints? They create visual interest, they emit a sense of intimacy and aesthetic energy, they can be arranged in many different ways and, most importantly, these type of prints work great in any space. Consider how a tightly grouped even number of smallish pieces works great to balance out a large space or a high wall. Consider also how the same tightly grouped small size pieces in a small area such as a stair landing achieve a priceless window effect.


        Be artful ... because bare walls & bare souls say nothing at all


Odeta Xheka, artist

Odeta Xheka Visuals