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‚ÄčKeen to get confident with color? The best place is the bedroom- a safe haven where you can be yourself away from judging eyes. A word to the wise: always surround yourself with the things that give  you pleasure in the bedroom- your most precious possessions, your favorite art prints, your trusty old chair, your secret stash, those new curtains you always wanted to splurge on because although chances are that more often than not you will be too tired to take notice of anything else but the state of your mattress, it is a proven fact that the kind of environment you surround yourself has a direct impact on your mood and general well-being. After all, your bedroom is the last thing you see before drifting away to sleepy-land and in those rarer than rare occasions when you have  a glass of good wine and manage to not only drift asleep effortlessly but also wake up feeling and looking your best ... being emotionally cuddled, physically comforted and wrapped in layers of visual stimulation all within the boundaries of this most intimate space in your home feels priceless.

So, yeah, go ahead and consider your bedroom your boudoir...why not! Don't be shy with your wall decor either.