odeta xheka VISUALS

In all likeliness, the living room is the pulsing heart of your home. As such, it must beat to the sound of your own drum, no matter the generic suggestions about choosing wall art for the living room that matches (the) decor. If you enjoy being quirky, by god, go find the quirkiest art print you can afford and put it up on the wall. If you like your wall paint to match the color of the curtains to match the couch to match the prints on the wall... who's to say you "don't got it right"? Black-and-white speak to you loud and clear yet bold abstracts get you more excited? As long as you surround yourself with the kind of Art Prints that whisper sweetly into your ear and open your heart gently to new ways of being/new sensations/new possibilities, your living room will be the haven you need after a long day doing your best, trying your hardest.​​

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