odeta xheka VISUALS

Dear Parents,

Here Comes Ingo is not only a beautiful visual story that exemplifies a progression of thinking leading towards love, kindness and inclusion because the world needs more empathetic, understanding and tolerant children. It is also a great tool in teaching kids about setting, structure flow and attention to detail as well as allowing them to act out the story as the pictures lead their imagination. Equally important, this wordless picture book familiarizes children with figurative art collage, an art technique used since ancient times. Each illustration is a carefully orchestrated arrangement of various cut outs of animal, insects and birds wrapped in a cheerful Disney-like palette in order to produce a final image that is as surreal and unexpected as it is real and imbued in suggestive possibilities much to the tune of Matisse’s adage that a paper collage is “a painting made with scissors”.
As with the best of books, at the conclusion of the story, the journey is not over. Ingo invites children to visit again and again in order to nurture their imagination and expand on the story. If your children enjoy the illustrations and want to immerse themselves further into the dream world of Ingo and all the other characters that populate it, visit shop.odetaxhekavisuals.com. By clicking on Art for Children series you will be transported to a magical gallery of inventive images that incite children to become budding co-illustrators by drawing, coloring and painting directly ON the artwork in order to become the artist and not simply observe the art.