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Odeta Xheka, artist
Odeta Xheka Visuals

Dear  home-maker who was an interior designer in her previous life,

We both know that wall art is what makes the difference in a well executed and stylish home design project. Not sure what type of artwork is the right piece for your space? There is an easy way to figure this out. Does it appear harmonious with its surroundings? Does it build balance? Does it establish rhythm? Most of all, does it get you excited? Trust your instincts because You know you best. Dwell into art and color your life beautiful.  Be bold and sophisticated but don't go overboard and get carried away. Remember to purchase your art prints with an eye for detail and design but always stay within budget. In other words, be You my dear fellow home decor aficionado. That's what you do best!

What do you think? Are you ready to imbue your home with an eclectic mix of art prints that are as timeless as they are elegant?  Are you ready to dress up your dining room? Add spice to your hallway? Make your guest room feel special? Create a pocket of tranquil contemplation in the midst of your busy living room... and so much more?

Feel free to poke around my art works and pick your favorites. ‚Äč

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