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Odeta Xheka, artist

Odeta Xheka Visuals

Dear  charitable art organizations,

Something we have in common is the belief that making art is healing and life enhancing because it facilitates emotional expression and creative development.

As a mother of young children in need of looking after, as a daughter of parents who have succumbed prematurely to cancer and Alzheimer's disease, as the wife of a doctor who chooses to practice in a public hospital, as a transplant in USA and as a college instructor in direct contact with at-risk young adults I have had my fair share of exposure to life's hardships. Making and sharing my art has served as my very own source of  healing and a great help in channeling my inner strength toward positive mindset and a sense of connection with people in vulnerable situations. 

As a result, I am always open to work with charitable organizations that use art to alleviate the pain and enrich the lives of people who are undergoing physical, emotional or mental crisis such as hospital patients, war veterans, victims of domestic abuse, trauma survivors, etc

Please contact me if you feel that my body of work, my time and my belief in art as a source of hope and comfort serves the  mission of your organization.