Art Not Pretentiousness 1/2

With original-art sales morphing into pure and simple business transactions, art collection has been delegated to the mega-rich. On the contrary, purchasing fine art prints with no future market value in mind, chosing them simply for the sense of connection and joy that they entice in you is a different matter altogether. Art Prints make art accesible in ways that are unpretentious and joyous because these connections develop spontaneously and organically. You buy Art Prints because they speak to you directly. Little do you care for pedigree and provenance. You buy Art Prints because your walls look too bare and you are itching to change that in a way that reflects your taste and doesn't break the bank. You buy Art Prints because your pristine all-white space needs a spot of color after all. You buy Art Prints because they serve their purpose of making your home more enjoyable to You. It's about you, not the piece.

Abstract Art Prints may seem like a very pretentious style that is not suitable for all homes. The truth is, as with anything else in life, the most difficult thing is to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. Each room has a different style for the art you choose to display. Remember that not all wall art is created equal. Look for art in a variety of different mediums to help bring a varying sense of texture into the space. Rotate your art prints around the house from time to time to embue rooms with a renewed style. Play around with the way you hang your prints e.g. next to each other in a tight central spot on a large wall space, gallery style, black-and-white prints next to colorful ones, triologies, art prints that interact with your wallpaper in order to achieve desired mood, art prints next to your children's drawings, art prints next to family portraits, art prints that contrast each other, art prints that nourish each other's get the drill... endless combinations to reflect your taste and sense of style.