Art Donation Does Good to The Heart

I am so glad that my contribution to AAWO Gala & Fundraising event, the art print "Womanhood: A Handful (Girl in Love)" has a new home with Vera Belliu, an aptly lovely young woman. In addittion to Womanhood: Suffused Air, Womanhood: Colors in Her Brain, Womanhood: Beautiful Bruises, Womanhood: Falling Softly and Womanhood: Glowing, this piece merges the aesthetics of popular fashion magazines with that of early Renaissance and Mannerist paintings in order to purposefully dismantle and discrupt the feminine body as a metaphor for the female soul.

  • Womanhood: A Handful (Girl in Love)
  • #3 in a 6 piece series
  • Multi-Layered Collage, Multimedia, Photography
  • Powerful cultural feminist art commentary
  • Original: Mixed media collage on paper, 20x30
  • Original piece retail value $850
  • Sold as stand-alone piece or create a statement wall with related works within the series
  • Prints customizable with multiple sizing/archival printing materials/framing options; one of a kind print(s) and arrangement
  • Predominant Artistic Influence: Linder Sterling, Elizabeth Zvonar, George Codo, John Currin
  • Perfect for women’s advocacy office space, spaces you wish to convey the feminine condition

Womanhood: A Handful (Girl in Love), the third piece in a six piece series grapples with the intricacies of feminine psyche which is an endless source of fascination. Sometimes I play with images from the present moment, culling from contemporary fashion calendars. At other times, I combine cutouts from different eras so that time itself is hard to pinpoint amidst the shifting halftone dots from the developments in each era’s technology following into the footsteps of Linder Sterling's radical feminist art. I can be all-encompassing in my use of imagery when I get going. With a neutral, black and white background this figurative mixed media collage speaks of love and love and love via a combination of different art influences and artists such as Elizabeth Zvonar's, George Condo's and John Currin's among others.

*Unrelated to my work/art donation but something that in my mind was the crown jewel of the gala event was Schindler's List Solo Violin played by Arens Leka which managed to awe a roomfull of women (no small feat in its own right).