Why Have Art In Schools

The Importance of Art in Early Childhood Development

Why Have Art In Schools?

  • The Champions of Change report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair, or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate.
  • A study of Missouri public schools in 2010 found that greater arts education led to fewer disciplinary infractions and higher attendance, graduation rates, and test scores.
  • Washington Post article reports that “Teachers are using theater and dance to teach math — and it’s working
  • Giving children a fine-arts education is essential to create the kinds of skills necessary for the modern, creative economy, according to UCLA's Anderson Forecast School of Management: “Arts-Based Education Will Power the Creative Economy
  • Seneca Academy curriculum is a shining example of how art enriches student development.
  • Art Fact 1 - early chidlhood arts education improves cognitive development
  • Art Fact 2 - advantages of art learning continues over time
  • Art Fact 3 - art education improves academic performance