Art Integration - The Morgan Book Project

Emancipatory pedagogy has its main function the revelation of tacit values that underlie the enterprise and empowering students and teachers through overthrow the barriers between teachers and students, and invite them to critically analyze the political and social issues as well as the consequences of social inequity. This requires a negotiated curriculum based on true dialogue that values social interaction, collaboration, authentic democracy, and self-actualization towards making fundamental changes both individually and socially.

The Morgan Book Project is a free program, in which the Morgan collaborates with New York City public school teachers to develop a unit of study designed to engage students in writing, illustrating, and building a book.

  • The Common Core State Standards (Compliance)

In addition to meeting New York State Learning Standards in visual arts, language arts, and a number of scientific disciplines, Exploring with the Morgan's four core units support the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects as well as the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Each unit in the program can be tailored to any grade, to children with various degrees of behavioral and developmental disabilities, as well as English language learners.