Photomontage is a type of collage art. It is composed primarily of photographs or fragments of photographs in order to direct the viewer's mind toward specific connections. There are many ways that a photomontage can be constructed. With image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop it is very common for the images to be created digitally in order to make use of the immensurable sources available. A well-executed image in this style makes one wonder whether it is a montage or a straight photograph, leaving many viewers to question how the artist did it. The photomontage work of O. G. Rejlander comes to mind immediately when thinking of pioneering digital fluency in which the elements are blended together to create a cohesive image that tricks the eye.

Yet, I prefer to use photographs, magazine clippings and other papers glued onto a surface in order to give the work a real collage feel. I intend for my photomontage work to look collaged in a very obvious way. This style is a very physical technique with each element retaining the look as if it were just cut out of magazines, postcards, and prints. This is not the case when one wonders whether it is a montage or a straight photograph, leaving viewers to question how I did it. I continue to work with the physical materials and cut and paste together compositions in order to bring to life an imaginary world of surreal scenes that invite viewers (especially young children) to experience each image from a tactile perspective in order to have them look through each and every one of the many layers of the final dreamlike composition.