Art (Babies) and (Human) Children

One of the perks of being a creative mom working from home is that I can involve my children in all my art projects. True, there are some times when my art babies are crystal clear in my mind while I forget to buy milk for my human children but this only happens occassionally and it's not worth mentioning. On the other hand, allowing children to take an active role in one's work project(s) is not for the weak of heart so I tend to forgive myself when our messages get crossed. One thing is for sure: working on this first wordless picture book for 4-8 y.o. has taught me a great many things about the need to have a clear message even in the absence of words. Here Comes Ingo is a wonderful visual story for all those who cherish the quiet kind of flourishing that goes on in dreams. With every turn of the page, whimsical collages filled with fun details wrapped in Disney-like colors lead to charming and surprising reveals. In true form, both my children were given a chance to get involved in the initial creative phase of the book which they did with gusto but they took this co-creating thing a step further by turning themselves into tireless PR gurus. My son is in talks with his second grade teacher to arrange a book presentation to introduce Ingo to his classmates so we can move some copies. My daughter has already asked her best friend to "tell your mom to review my mom on Amazon".