It rains and the world flushes
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Rain on Skin tries to dip the viewer into a sort of dreamlike reality. The rain seems to fall on everyone, creating evocative images where every element – the street, the sky, the trees posing as characters albeit inanimate ones, the viewer – is involved in a romantic and, at the same time, melancholic feeling.

Each single-shot photo evokes the intoxicating scent of rain building on layer upon layer of deeply saturated colors that manage to create a heavily textured composition encrusted in bold shades of green, primrose, brown, and yellow - colors not easy to pull off but fresh and daring when done right.

“The rain washes memories off the sidewalk of life”, Woody Allen said in an old movie. This series tries to do the same. It portrays everyday rainy life as a means of escape into a dreamlike world away from the greyness and darkness of the skies that are a reminder of human isolation.

  • Visual Influences

Alessio Trerotoli - an Italian photographer author of awarded series Urban Melodies and Raindrop Blues.

John Henry Twachtman -By treating his subjects suggestively rather than descriptively, he conveyed his view that art has an expressive language of its own rather than one indebted to a literary tradition.