Art Not Pretentiousness 2/2

Room-by-Room Overview
Abstract art can really brighten up the LIVING ROOM and give it a fresh perspective. The abstract art on the wall can add a warm vibe when placed against a minimalist color palette. Sometimes abstract art is just a way of complementing a well-balanced decor. The abstract piece can serve as the focal point of the living room by reuniting all the bold accent colors used throughout the room. In this case the goal is not to create a contrast but to make the room look more harmonious. You can easily add a touch of color to a room through abstract artwork because although eye-catching, abstract art is not intimidating.

Abstract art can be a very refreshing and dynamic addition to a space like the KITCHEN/DINING AREA: an open-plan kitchen leaves plenty of room for artwork on the walls. You can choose either abstract pieces that are bold and eye-catching and provide a hypnotizing focal point for the dining area or choose an artwork that is very delicate despite the vibrant colors.

Something highly abstract can often be a good choice for the BEDROOM because it fuels your imagination.
Never settle for a boring HALLWAY. Add splashes of color and abstract lines on the walls. Pieces that have a well-defined texture are also good choices.

Add some cheer to your HOME OFFICE with a beautiful painting that reflects you as a person. Abstract art is great because it doesn’t allow your home office to become bring