Shedding all extraneous layers

Labels Off is a project of self-narrativization that builds emotional truth through a series of carefully staged and digitally manipulated photographs which serve as the colorful thread that connects all nuances of a woman's sense of self.

If life is the greatest form of art, it is natural to think of a woman's body as her most active and activating canvas - her body as a means of creation. What happens if all labels are torn off? When all skin's shed? When all blood's bled? How to confine one's essence within the arbitrary layers of social expectations & obligations? Let's start by taking away what's outwardly visible and see what else comes into focus given how the tale of womanhood has continually been edited into a reductive and ultimately self sacrificial one. A woman is encouraged to lean into the obvious, to embrace it, and, in the process, to render any resistance pointless.

When allowed to become self-reflexive, it is primarily to acknowledge failure, even the ones among us privileged to expect people to let them fail over and over again. As Judy Chicago phrased it, "Because we are denied knowledge of our history, we are deprived of standing upon each other's shoulders and building upon each other's hard-earned accomplishments. Instead, we are condemned to repeat what others have done before us and thus continue to reinvent the wheel."

  • Visual Influences

Hannah Wilke - "To diffuse self-prejudice, women must take control of and have pride in the sensuality of their bodies and create a sensuality in their own terms, without referring to the concepts degenerated by society."

Carolee Schneemann - "The female nude is part of a revered tradition, although she is not to take authority over her depictions of her nudity. She is just to be available."