Make Your Home a Work of Art


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Art offers the possibility to taste freedom of the soul through imagination. In a way, choosing art for your space is an invitation to Be You! After all, it is at home that your true story takes place. As an artist, I have always been at great pains to keep track of the very thin line that divides sincerity of expression from banality. In response to such concerns, my work aims for emotions to be used non-ironically in order to reassert a romantic feeling for narrative and humanity at its all great wall art should.Choose textured art. Choose color field paintings. Choose minimalism. Choose abstract expressionism. Choose engaged feminist art. Choose art collage abstracts. Choose unique children artworks. It is no wonder that each room takes on a different vibe depending on the art you choose to display.

  • Sold as stand-alone piece or create a statement piece with entire series
  • Prints customizable with multiple sizing/archival printing materials/framing options; one of a kind print
  • Predominant Artistic Influence: Contemporary abstract art
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, office space
  • Ideal for Interior Designers, Staging Experts, Collectors and those wanting authentic, unique and tasteful art for their home or office