REMAKE/R (Digital Dreams)
The kind of creativity that remains as indelible and insoluble as dreams

Remake/r(Digital Dreams) is the second part of a two-part series exploring the ways analog and digital collages feed of each other in order to produce strangely familiar yet so hard to decipher images that are as images as personal, indelible, and insoluble as dreams.

Inspired by Hans Arp's and Joan Miro's adaptation of biomorphic forms, Wassily Kandinsky's joyful automatism, and Henry Matisse's approach to collage as a painting, both series explore the potential for unique compositional relationships that result from the unfussy yet harmonious arrangement of organic forms and non-representational and figurative elements through handmade paper collages and digital fugues.

Here is the artist operating in her own space and time, expressing herself to herself alone lost in digitally creating a personal world as if she were an ancient warrior in search of a flow state when she is doing something meaningful to her, and she really gets into it, and time falls away, and the ego seems to vanish, and she finds herself focusing deeply and effortlessly. The source material for these digital collages is photographs of Xheka's own paper collages. Figurative elements and biomorphic shapes, flower petals and tear shaped paper droplets, bright yellow lemons and modern jewels are just a few of the warring elements in these digital collages. Each element, no matter how small serves as a brushstroke to achieve a balanced composition guided by color. Each mark, crease, bruise, and indentation is meticuluously chosen to create the final composition that emphasizes the lushness of life.

  • Visual Influences

Hans Peter Wilhelm Arp (Jean Arp) - his work is non-representational, yet firmly rooted in nature. His most abstract compositions suggest organic forms.

Twyla Tharp - is an American dancer, choreographer, and author. By combining different forms of movement – such as jazz, ballet, boxing, and inventions of her own making.