How does it feel to be a metaphor? To feel a deep sense of ambivalence and come to opposite conclusions?

Understand the seduction of a story well told...

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 1, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 2, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 3, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 4, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 5, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 6, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 7, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 8, digital collage, custom size

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Speaking in Pink Metaphors 9, digital collage, custom size

Speaking in Pink Metaphors touches on signifiers of womanhood as they pertain to the social imaginary. Each of these digital collages asks the viewer to go back to it to see and feel again trying to find an answer for that most worrisome of quandaries: what are we to do with the lives that are not remarkable, those lives that everyone ends up living? What is it like to feel a deep sense of ambivalence and come to opposite conclusions?

Devoid of the human presence, yet decked in bejeweled tones a drab reality turns into a luminous world thus issuing an invitation to think carefully about how (and how fully) women get to inhabit these spaces because reflecting on who gets to be the subject of the story taking place at home, who matters behind the scene, and who our compassion and interest should be directed as is a matter of both personal and political implication. What at first glance appears to be a series interested in capturing the tension created by interacting areas of flat color and a deceptive lack of composition depth goes a step further in becoming, as Ragnar Kjartasson puts it, the stage upon which the ancient instinct of the hunter-gatherer takes over. Colors, textures, surfaces, and memories grab your brain, your heart, your all in such a way that deep thinking and reflection on cultural issues stems from these images that offer a genuine aesthetic experience.

The series is conceptulized as a closed system referring to a “world of infinite durability” much to the tune of Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin and become a venue for the outer world to meet the inner world (Edward Hopper) in order to get to a place where all parts are equally artificial and thus equally open to the slightest breath of poetic association (Joseph Cornell)... all in the name of capturing the sort of emotional truth that feels like a metaphor. What is it like to feel a deep sense of ambivalence and come to opposite conclusions?

  • Visual Influences

Color Painting - In Color Field paintings, the artist’s personality is less visible in order for the work to become an arena in which the viewers can experience their own revelations.

Meamorphism - A ground breaking new art movement developed by internationally known artist Ali Meamar in collaboration with Sony Corporation. This art movement combines traditional “fine art” making with the newest digital media technologies. Each piece allows the viewer to see infinite variations of the artwork.