Art From the HeArt


Father's Day, the day associated with neckties and power tools is a special day. What's not to like about spending an entire day being honored and appreciated by the people who offer the most unconditional love in the world?

Over the years my children have proudly presented what now amounts to a much treasured collection of handmade cards, colorful drawings and little trinkets.

We are a very close loving family and laughter has always filled our home. Art as well! This year we have decided to gift art. It doesn't hurt that the art chosen for daddy comes from mommy's Art Print Collection.

artwork (1): Desiring

Heavily textured abstract art

Art dimension 19.5”x26”

Final frame size 21”x27.5”

Desiring is a piece based on layers upon layers of oil colors, creating a heavily textured, bold and expressive stand-alone piece reminiscent of Fauvism abstract color palette. It will most surely be a singular authentic reflection of your personality. Luckily, the beauty of the original painting is wonderfully captured in the print which adds a pop of color and a definite sense of texture to any space is flawlessly captured in the print as well.

artwork (2): Glowing Transformation.

Abstract Artwork (impasto)

Art dimension 20” x 26.67”

Final frame size 21.5” x 28.17”

Glowing Transformation relies on texture which like any of the elements of art, can also enhance and support the artist's concept behind the work. This beautiful print places particular importance on the study of how reflected light rays scatter in all directions in a rough surface. Mirroring the scattered rays of light are the many layers of color one upon the other; the sway of each layer works endlessly—pristine, subtle and complicated just like the complexity of life itself.