VIsual Literacy Workshop at FIAO 1/2

When children are encouraged to express themselves in creating artworks they develop a sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of pride in their own forays into new territory. Would young children struggle to get to grips with the open-end nature of Here Comes Ingoor would they embrace its creative challenges? Il Centro, the flagship building of FIAO (Federation of Italian-American Organizations) is hosting my workshop whose purpose is two-folded.

Class 1/2

Process Art

  1. Odeta introduces participants to a short history of collage and various purposes it can be used for. Odeta provides appropriate examples and asks students to come up with their own ideas.
  2. Odeta introduces participants to photomontage as a special type of collage focusing on photography. Odeta explains reasons for choosing this type of collage to create Here Comes Ingo book illustrations.
  3. Odeta invites students to observe how Odeta goes about creating book illustrations starting from the blank page and adding layers upon layers of various cut outs. Students will be encouraged to offer their suggestions as to which color, shape, cut out Odeta should use next.
  4. Odeta presents participants with sensory-rich art materials in compliance with the Art-Supply List for Budding Artists and distributes art materials for each group/table as well as one double-page from Here Comes Ingo.
  5. Odeta instructs students to use the book page as the initial stage upon which to reenact scenes from their imagination by drawing, painting, glueing, sticking and doodling ON the page. Working in small groups will make them understand that in order to complete their artwork they need to be able to communicate their ideas clearly and be tolerant of each others' differences.
  6. Odeta observes and takes notes how students on each group (1) break through shyness (2) play their way through group rivalry (3) express and understand negotiation (4) cooperate without power struggle (5) empower themselves and respect diversity
  7. Odeta encourages each group to present the final collage to the class having, hopefully, instilled a sense of pride on the self-directed art project.