hE_a_ rt Journal

A collection of first person narratives of heArt_ists unafraid to bleed on the page, canvas, screen...stage as a testament to the transformative power of art as a means of healing and self-expression which in turn, fosters deep understanding and creates a more compassionate world.

Given a general sense of burnout on the part of both cultural producers and the public, the endless parade of canvases proposing superficially pleasing compositions, and a sort of collective if unspoken agreement that the art world perhaps has begun to become somewhere you go to escape the unpleasant present, a placeless, timeless bubble rather than the battleground echoing the pains of grappling with the new, the difficult, or even the unfamiliar, the heArt journal project focuses on collecting first hand testimonies from artists who wear their heArt on their sleeve instead of relying on tricks of the trade to have their voices heard and their wounds healed.