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Children thrive when given the freedom to create and discover

“Here Comes Ingo” is a special visual story designed for mindful parents and inventive children to bond and share open-ended creative experiences together. “Here Comes Ingo” invites the reader to add to the story by painting, drawing, and writing ON the page, thus encouraging children to appreciate and include the arts in their daily lives to create new meaning, test their comfort zone, and take risks.

This detail-packed picture book presents the multi-layered tale of Ingo, a scarlet macaw who, bored sitting on her eggs, drifts off to sleep and dreams of flying into the lush tropical rain forest she calls home.

Ingo's dream reveals a new world of possibilities, full of surreal and unexpected encounters. With every turn of the page, charming and detailed collages amount to surprising compositions, gently directing children toward the inspiration they need to add to Ingo's story and make this book their own. All the reader needs is the willingness to tap into their creativity and to let their imagination soar!


Engaging with art promotes critical thinking skills

Art is an outstanding avenue to encourage innovative and critical thinking in children. Engaging in the creation of art has been proven to boost a child’s self-esteem by instilling a sense of pride in their creative endeavors.

When a child engages with “Here Comes Ingo,” they are given the unique opportunity to swap seats with the illustrator and make the story their very own. Minutes that stretch into hours spent drawing, painting, and coloring ON the pages allow each reader to co-create a story that is completely unique.

Each page of the book is meant to serve as the starting point for a new "picture story" via process-oriented art: art that is based on exploration and allows for different outcomes.

What if Ingo were to wear a hat?

Wouldn't it be great to have another macaw to keep Ingo company?

How about spotting all the animals from our last visit to the zoo?

The creative possibilities are quite literally endless!


“Here Comes Ingo” invites children into the story

Inviting children to participate in the story offers them an unparalleled sense of agency, which in turn encourages:

  • Exploration
  • Self-expression
  • Critical thinking
  • Imagination
  • Creativity

All valuable skills that will carry them through to adulthood! Successful young people need to learn how to think in innovative ways, rather than just being able to follow directions. There is no better way to reinforce these skills than to make “Here Comes Ingo” a part of your child’s book collection.

Dripping with vibrant color and featuring a beautiful cast of characters such as:

  • A solitary wolf wrapped in a rainbow
  • A shark who eats cupcakes with gusto
  • A merry band of birds & frogs piggybacking on a fish

Just to name a few! This seamless picture storytelling bursts with visual excitement while inviting young readers to experience a whole new kind of literary adventure.


Your child’s artwork makes each copy of “Here Comes Ingo” completely unique!

To enjoy “Here Comes Ingo,” no fancy art supplies are required. Because children learn visually before they learn textually, only the simplest materials are needed to foster their inherent creativity. Crayons and stickers work perfectly!

You can also utilize:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolors
  • Colorful glitter glue
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • And whatever else you have on hand! The sky's the limit!

All children need to make this book their own is their genuine interest in developing the story based on how they view their world.


Engaging with “Here Comes Ingo” nurtures your child’s development

By creating art with “Here Comes Ingo,” your child will refine and develop:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Language development skills
  • Identification of colors, shapes, and actions
  • Vocabulary for emotions
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Story-telling skills
  • Self awareness and reflection

All from a picture book!


As with all of the best stories, the journey is not over at the end of the book. “Here Comes Ingo” invites readers to visit again and again, creating new worlds of imagination every time.

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