Praise for “Here Comes Ingo”

Reviews and Endorsements:

Here Comes Ingo by Odeta Xheka is a stunning visual story...with underlying themes of love, tolerance and kindness and will make an excellent addition to any storybook collection.” -IndieReader Approved

Each page invites and encourages exploration, from finding Ingo to discovering what’s in each collage to imagining what other creatures are doing. The book makes it easy for children to practice observation and examination, which could lead to time well-spent honing those skills. Whether children “read” “Here Comes Ingo” by themselves or with adults, they can actively engage in each page to count, find differences, analyze relationship and utilize other skills to appreciate the story as it unfolds. - “Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

Here Comes Ingo is beautiful with vivid colors and intriguing artwork that takes you on the dream journey of Ingo. Even without the author’s note to children that may choose this book, the illustrations tell the story perfectly. I could feel the want and need for a more adventurous life from this macaw sitting on her eggs, awaiting her babies. I enjoyed how the author included the note to young readers, providing educational information about macaws and their habitat. As well as telling the story of Ingo, it is the perfect prologue to the visual story to be discovered. Odeta Xheka captivates the young reader’s eye with stunning colors, abstract shapes, and visual storytelling. Here Comes Ingo is a great addition to every child's library to enhance their imaginations. - Reviewed by Samantha Harvey for Readers' Favorite

“Chances are very good that you have never seen a children's book quite like “Here Comes Ingo.” The quality of the books construction is terrific, and as we have noted here, it certainly stands out in the sea of children's books. Add to that the stunning, hand-crafted artwork which has an almost dreamlike quality to it and you have a book that doesn't really fit into any traditional book category, and that's not a bad thing, at all! Clearly, this is a very original children's picture book.Beyond being a children's picture book, it could absolutely be seen as a work of art.” -The National Parenting Center

"Here Comes Ingo is a great example of the benefits of art in early childhood development. The pictures are very colorful and leave a lot to imagination." - Creative Child Magazine

"What sets Here Comes Ingo apart from the rest of other wonderful picture books is the ability to present children with fairly sophisticated art concepts such as figurative art collage in a relatable way. Each collage-based illustration lures children into immersing themselves further into Ingo’s dream world by adding their own ideas and expanding on the story as far as their imaginations takes them via drawing, coloring and painting directly ON the page." - Mom's Choice Award

“Create, experiment, and discover with wordless picture book Here Comes Ingo” - The Children's Book Review

“What’s also unique about this book is that I’m usually the one helming the storyline with wordless picture books, but with “Here Comes Ingo” my children are in charge — and it is amazing to watch my kids tell me the story. They genuinely enjoy and have a great time explaining to me what and how and why — and it is never the same experience twice.” - The Picture Book Review

“Odeta Xheka's book ‘Here Comes Ingo’ is a wordless picture book filled with colorful handcrafted collages that invite young readers to make inferences as to what the characters are thinking, feeling and doing.” - The Bookshop at the End of the Internet Podcast

“Books such as ‘Here Comes Ingo’ present a unique opportunity to let the imagination soar by adding to the story via painting, drawing, and writing ON the page thus encouraging kids to appreciate and include process art in their daily lives in order to search for and create new meaning, test their comfort zone and take risks.” - Kids' Book Review (guest post excerpt)

“Here’s an interesting wordless book. This is a book your little one is sure to get lost in. This is perfect for letting kids use their imagination and tell you what’s happening.” - Kids Book Guru

“This is perfect for letting kids use their imagination and tell you what’s happening.” - Cool Products