Odeta Xheka Visuals: creator of one of the best children's picture books of 2019

ODETA XHEKA VISUALS is the brainchild of artist, author, mom, homemaker, and design aficionado Odeta Xheka.

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Museum-Quality Art Prints

Are you looking to add a new vibe to your home, revamp your office space, or tie together your latest home decor project? Are you searching for wall art that is a soothing, calming influence on the mind? Choose our textured art prints. Choose color field paintings. Choose minimalism. Choose abstract expressionism. Choose engaged feminist art. Choose art collage abstracts. Choose what best represents YOU! Leave the rest to us. Free shipping within the USA included.

All artwork comes ready to hang. Please reach out if you need customized size/framing/printing options.

  • Custom Framing
  • Acrylic Glazing with UV Protection
  • Kraft Paper Backing
  • Hanging Hardware
  • Archival Printing

Nursery Artwork: whimsical artwork for children's rooms

Studies show that it’s important to incorporate art into your child's space as it strengthens both their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Our line of Nursery Art Prints offers children the opportunity to engage with animals, insects, plants, and foliage in an intimate and self-directed manner. It’s not by chance that most of our nursery illustrations rely on primary colors melding into each other, thus mirroring children's most common "mistakes" and drawing them onto familiar ground. This is another way of approaching children with truth, honesty, and authenticity.

Museum Quality Fine Art at an Affordable Price

Why choose just one art print when you can have four (at a very reasonable price) and gift your children the possibility to come up with their very own "bedtime stories" while making all kinds of connections between the imaginary?

  • Art dimensions: 8" x 8"
  • Frame is removable/reusable/no messy nail holes/leaves no marks on the wall
  • Vivid imaginary inspired by nature and all kinds of living creatures
  • Lively, bold colors

Debuting Award-Winning Picture Book “Here Comes Ingo”

Learn how you can create quality time with your children through open-ended creative experiences with award-winning picture book “Here Comes Ingo!”

“Chances are very good that you have never seen a children’s book quite like “Here Comes Ingo.” There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that the book contains no words. Add to that the stunning, hand-crafted artwork which has an almost dreamlike quality to it and you have a book that doesn't really fit into any traditional book category, and that's not a bad thing, at all! Clearly, this is a very original children’s picture book. It challenges young children to create their own perception of what is happening in the story. Each telling of the story can be a little different as you start to notice different things in the book with each reading. The artwork on several of the pages is very abstract and surreal, but the vibrant images are sure to challenge most kids imaginations. The quality of the books construction is terrific, and as we have noted here, it certainly stands out in the sea of children’s books. Testers appreciated the fact that the author has included a note at the end of the book, encouraging children to figure out what the characters are thinking, feeling, and doing. Of course, children see things differently from parents and this book seems to have been created to appeal to the part of children’s brains that are still open to magic and not controlled so much by reason. Beyond being a children’s picture book, it could absolutely be seen as a work of art.”-The National Parenting Center

Here Comes Ingo is an outstanding example of the benefits of art in early childhood development, and is:

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