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I still remember the sense of excitement, responsibility, wonder and anticipation in choosing first the name of my son and later that of my daughter (shoutout to two of the most amazing children ever ). There were a few heated discussions, names that seemed as appropriate the first time around as they seemed silly the next time we whispered them in disbelief. Lists were made, lists were scraped. In the end, the names we chose weren’t even among the initial contenders but all’s well that ends well: my children have no complains and I love their names. Armed with the I approached the process of choosing the bookcover for my debuting picture book with all the confidence of a mom boss. Turns out, choosing the right art piece to play double duty as the Cover of my first book baby can be as daunting as choosing your firstborn's name.

Obviously, the cover must feature the main character, Ingo, the scarlet macaw whose beautiful visual story will go on from page to page in order to grasp the hearts of all those who cherish the quiet kind of flourishing that goes on in dreams.

The book cover must also appeal to all other readers not only the diehard fans of whimsical collages filled with fun details wrapped in Disney-like colors lead to charming and surprising reveals.

Target Readers

Here Comes Ingo🍃🌿🐣🐾🐾

  • Pre-school children 3-5 year old
  • School age children 5-8 year old
  • Parents, grandparents, caregivers looking to engage their children in a creative way
  • Montessori daycare and kindergarten teachers
  • Grade school teachers looking for picture books that serve an educational purpose
  • Art therapists treating young patients
  • Early childhood education specialists

Book Cover

below are pictured a few maybe-s and the final cover choice for

HERE COMES INGO of one of the most creative children's books of the year

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