Cœur (part two)
...last vestiges of childhood

Cœur (part two) is yet another personal collection of intimate portraits that explores themes of identity, individuality, curiosity, and lost innocence. Psychologically evocative, these new portraits capture the siblings separately, both at the cusp of imminent adulthood. The sense of tenderness present in Cœur (part one) has evaporated to make room for a more intuitive and delicate mood present on the young girl's face as well as a more spontaneous and boisterous mood turning the boy's face into a grimacing mask. Their willingness to follow directions has also disappeared. No longer docile children posing as told, they refuse to acknowledge the presence of the probing camera.

Although lens-based, principles of sculpture, drawing, and painting are present in each composition resulting in theatrical photographs in which the subjects confront the camera or strike angular poses against stark yet staged backgrounds calling into question fact and fiction thus blending postmodernism with conceptual art in order to create a series of portraits that speak to fashion, psychology, pop culture, and human adaptation in the language of strikingly emotive and, occasionally, allegorical imagery.

  • Visual Influences

Ralph Eugene Meatyard - His work spanned many genres and experimented with new means of expression, from dreamlike portraits—often set in abandoned places—to multiple exposures, motion blur, and other methods of photographic abstraction.

Elinor Carucci - She faces life with her camera, using it as a filter for the messiness and euphoria the world brings.