Spotlight on Macaws


Macaws are the largest and arguably the most beautiful parrots in the world. They can be found from southern Mexico to Peru, as well as Bolivia, eastern Brazil, and the island of Trinidad. Macaws prefer to spend their time in the tall trees of humid tropical forests, where they nest from January through April.

It is important to learn more about these beautiful creatures to and help eliminate habitat devastation due to climate change, as well as the unregulated exotic pet market.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful zoos and organizations that are doing a great job of protecting and promoting macaws well-being. Visit these links to learn more:

Bronx Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Central Park Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo

Columbus Zoo

Dallas Zoo

Denver Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo

Henry Doorly Zoo

Houston Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

Living Desert Zoo

Memphis Zoo

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

San Diego Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoological Society

St. Louis Zoo - Emerson Children's Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

​Zoo Miami

World Parrot Trust

World Parrot Trust - USA Branch

Parrots Magazine

Avicultural Society of America

The Oasis Sanctuary

Avian Welfare Coalition

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