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Triangular 1, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 2, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 3, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 4, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 5, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 6, digital collage, custom size


Triangular 7, digital collage, custom size


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Triangular 9, digital collage, custom size

Triangular is a highly textured collage captured in the style of Annegret Soltau's "overstitched and sewn" photographs for whom there is no separation between art, life, and women. Via cutting, ripping, pasting, overlaying different textures and materials, this multifaceted series speaks a hybrid language - remixed, re-contextualized, and wholly build from essential fragments of lived emotional reality.

Often considered as the medium that offers small-scaled notions of intimacy, nevertheless, collage never fails stand out as an abbreviation for the cultural techniques of emotion; never fails to comment on the world around us in a rather dramatic way - the cut, the tear, the rupture, and the overlay of our contemporary culture are reflected in the very nature of collage even when it encompasses painting.

An exquisitely layered woman, a painted object, a bruised surface, a manipulated photograph photographed from different angles: where does the artwork "reside"? Is this series synonymous with the kitsch of love and desire (in other words, the common use of the word “romantic”) or does it stand for an explicit critique of the kind of attitude that legitimizes the logic of material constraints and power struggles that hold the subject down?

  • Visual Influences

Annegret Soltau - Photomontages of her own body and face sewed over or collaged with black thread are the most well-known works of the German artist.

Wangechi Mutu - She is best known for spectacular and provocative collages depicting female figures—part human, animal, plant, and machine—in fantastical landscapes that are simultaneously unnerving and alluring, defying easy categorization and identification.