Lustruous Touch

Bejeweled is a series of highly textured multi-layered digital collages that combine traditional “fine art” making with digital media technologies in order to create a whole experience. The grist of the work is about articulating a mood, be it confusion in one, tranquility in another.

The entire creative process starts with the creation of complex paper collages made of photographs of Xheka's previous pieces. These paper collages serve as the first layer of the final image which goes through multiple digital manipulations to better represent the artist's intention to be both a storyteller and a creator. As opposed to many, Xheka does not use technology to be more efficient or to alleviate the process of creating art. She enjoys using this art medium because technology is helping her widen her artistic vision and create more complex pieces that can be taken however the viewer would like to perceive them.

As an artist Xheka has a starting point, a process, a way to achieve the end piece; however, like in most contemporary art, it is left to be interpreted by the viewer in whatever way that may be. The message may not always be hidden, but also not intended to be so black and white. Especially in this series, color takes on an overwhelming role and subtle changes in nuance can change the entire mood.

  • Visual Influences

Eric Standley - The entire creative process starts with complex drawings printed out and cut with a laser. He then layers up the sheets of paper to create the envisioned work of art.

Chris Milk - He was one of the most prominent digital artists who participated in the Digital Revolution exhibition with his interactive and highly popular project Treachery of the Sanctuary.